Configure Price Quote Application

Native to Salesforce

This amazingly intuitive application suite that let's your sales team sell faster. Streamlining the quoting process and deliver beautifully branded and consistent proposals that insure your unique sales message is delivered with every proposal. Providing you real time information to better manage your business.

Sales Cycle Challenges

  • Long training times for new sales reps that are mostly due to internal system training, not product training
  • Using multiple systems to build a quote
  • Inability to track status of quotes 
  • Version control for quotes 
  • Discount requests and approvals that take hours or days rather than minutes

2Xoffice CPQ Benefits

  • Increase Deal Size
  • Improved Quote Accuracy
  • Reduce Proposal Time
  • Manage Complex Products
  • Simplified Quoting Process
  • Ramp Sales People Faster

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